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Using the TDBGrid Control in Delphi Database Apps

Using the TDBGrid Control in Delphi Database Apps Contrary to most other Delphi data-aware controls, the DBGrid component has many nice features and is more powerful than you might think. Below are ways in which you can get the most out of the TDBGrid Delphi component, separated into categories. The Basics You can make the Enter key work like the Tab key in a DBGrid, which also allows ShiftEnter to function like it would if TabEnter were used. See how to fix DBGrid column widths automatically (at run-time) to remove the unfilled space at the right edge of the grid. It will automatically adjust the column width to fit even the widest entry. You can also enhance the functionality of a TDBgrid component using colors (coloring rows, columns, cells - depending on a field value). Follow this tutorial to see how to show the contents of a MEMO field (textual BLOB) in a TDBGrid, plus how to enable editing MEMOs. Some Other Nifty Tutorials When the DBGrids Options property includes dgRowSelect and dgMultiSelect, users can select multiple rows within the grid. One of the most natural and easiest ways to let your users sort a column is to have them click the column title. Follow our guide on how to sort records in Delphi DBGrid for all the information you need to make this happen. See how to retrieve, display, and edit Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with ADO (dbGO) and Delphi to learn how to connect to Excel, retrieve the sheet data, and enable that data to be edited using the DBGrid. Youll also find a list of most common errors that might show while in the process, plus how to deal with them. Advanced Guides Need to highlight the row behind the mouse cursor in a DBGrid? Weve got you covered. It makes reading the data much easier when the whole row is lit up. Find out how to select (make active) and highlight (change the color, font, etc.) a row in a DBGrid as the mouse moves around the grid. Heres how to place just about any Delphi control (visual component) into a cell of a DGBrid, such as checkboxes (using a TChekBox control).

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Rare Earth Elements (Metals) - List

Rare Earth Elements (Metals) - List This is a list of rare earth elements (REEs), which are a special group of metals. Key Takeaways: List of Rare Earth Elements The rare earth elements (REEs) or rare earth metals (REMs) are a group of metals found within the same ores and possessing similar chemical properties.Scientists and engineers disagree on exactly which element should be included in a list of the rare earths, but they generally include the fifteen lanthanide elements, plus scandium and yttrium.Despite their name, the rare earths arent actually rare with respect to abundance in the Earths crust. The exception is promethium, a radioactive metal. The CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics and IUPAC list the rare earths as consisting of the lanthanides, plus scandium and yttrium. This includes atomic number 57 through 71, as well as 39 (yttrium) and 21 (scandium): Lanthanum (sometimes considered a transition metal)CeriumPraseodymiumNeodymiumPromethiumSamariumEuropiumGadoliniumTerbiumDysprosiumHolmiumErbiumThuliumYtterbiumLutetiumScandiumYttrium Other sources consider the rare earths to be the lanthanides and actinides: Lanthanum (sometimes considered a transition metal)CeriumPraseodymiumNeodymiumPromethiumSamariumEuropiumGadoliniumTerbiumDysprosiumHolmiumErbiumThuliumYtterbiumLutetiumActinium (sometimes considered a transition metal)ThoriumProtactiniumUraniumNeptuniumPlutoniumAmericiumCuriumBerkeliumCaliforniumEinsteiniumFermiumMendeleviumNobeliumLawrencium Classification of Rare Earths The classification of the rare earth elements is as hotly disputed as the list of included metals. One common method of classification is by atomic weight. Low atomic weight elements are the light rare earth elements (LREEs). Elements with high atomic weight are the heavy rare earth elements (HREEs). Elements that fall between the two extremes are the middle rare earth elements (MREEs). One popular system categorizes atomic numbers up to 61 as LREEs and those higher than 62 as HREEs (with the middle range absent or up to interpretation). Summary of Abbreviations Several abbreviations are used in connection with the rare earth elements: RE: rare earthREE: rare earth elementREM: rare earth metalREO: rare earth oxideREY: rare earth element and yttriumLREE: light rare earth elementsMREE: middle rare earth elementsHREE: heavy rare earth elements Rare Earth Uses In general, the rare earths are used in alloys, for their special optical properties, and in electronics. Some specific uses of elements include: Scandium: Use to make light alloys for the aerospace industry, as a radioactive tracer, and in lampsYttrium: Used in yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) lasers, as a red phosphor, in superconductors, in fluorescent tubes, in LEDs, and as a cancer treatmentLanthanum: Use to make high refractive index glass, camera lenses, and catalystsCerium: Use to impart a yellow color to glass, as a catalyst, as a polishing powder, and to make flintsPraseodymium: Used in lasers, arc lighting, magnets, flint steel, and as a glass colorantNeodymium: Used to impart violet color to glass and ceramics, in lasers, magnets, capacitors, and electric motorsPromethium: Used in luminous paint and nuclear batteriesSamarium: Used in lasers, rare earth magnets, masers, nuclear reactor control rodsEuropium: Used to prepare red and blue phosphors, in lasers, in fluorescent lamps, and as an NMR relaxantGadolinium: Used in lasers, x-ray tubes, computer memory, high refractive index glass, NMR relaxation, neutron capture, MRI contrast Terbium: Use in green phosphors, magnets, lasers, fluorescent lamps, magnetostrictive alloys, and sonar systemsDysprosium: Used in hard drive disks, magnetostrictive alloys, lasers, and magnetsHolmium: Use in lasers, magnets, and calibration of spectrophotometersErbium: Used in vanadium steel, infrared lasers, and fiber opticsThulium: Used in lasers, metal halide lamps, and portable x-ray machinesYtterbium: Used in infrared lasers, stainless steel, and nuclear medicineLutetium: Used in positron emission tomography (PET) scans, high refractive index glass, catalysts, and LEDs Sources Brownlow, Arthur H. (1996). Geochemistry. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall. ISBN 978-0133982725.Connelly, N. G. and T. Damhus, ed. (2005). Nomenclature of Inorganic Chemistry: IUPAC Recommendations 2005. With R. M. Hartshorn and A. T. Hutton. Cambridge: RSC Publishing. ISBN 978-0-85404-438-2.Hammond, C. R. (2009). Section 4; The Elements. In David R. Lide (ed.). CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 89th ed. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press/Taylor and Francis.JÃ ©brak, Michel; Marcoux, Eric; Laithier, Michelle; Skipwith, Patrick (2014). Geology of mineral resources (2nd ed.). St. Johns, NL: Geological Association of Canada. ISBN 9781897095737.Ullmann, Fritz, ed. (2003). Ullmanns Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry. 31. Contributor: Matthias Bohnet (6th ed.). Wiley-VCH. p. 24. ISBN 978-3-527-30385-4.

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Essay question Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 6

Question - Essay Example This is an indication that the big businesses are more positive towards taking more risks in the business and this is what has made them get bigger and bigger than when they started. Being a big business is defined by the number of employees that are hired in the business overall. The more the employees, the larger the organization will be (Porter 78). Big businesses however deal with tens of thousands of employees nationally and globally combined. They have these huge industries and companies that demand attention of a lot of employees from the CEO down to the subordinate staff who are also in plenty. Since these companies are handling both onshore and offshore businesses, and a lot of accounts and customers of their many different products, they have run smoothly and very effectively and this is possible only through working with many employees to handle different aspects of the business. There are employees needed to bring in customers through different marketing strategies. Before products are marketed, they need to be manufactured which means this process of obtaining the raw products and chemicals demand more employees as well. After the manufacturing and marketing, there will be needed workers to sell transport the products to the retail stores and wholesale stores as well as well as take them the products themselves. All these employees need to be paid as well and in case of further expansion, more employees will be needed and hence continuing the growth of the business. Big businesses have more investments and trade more in stocks of the companies they have invested in. They invest in many different companies and in different markets and industries in order to distribute the risks as well as ensure that they continue growing their profits and especially with the current industry that is growing the most. The large organizations have invested in the automation, energy, accounting, inventory and

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Association of christmas values with that of western and christian Essay

Association of christmas values with that of western and christian people - Essay Example The essay that is structured is based on a case study with regards to the eve of Christmas and values associated with it.he prospect of advanced marketing in spreading of Christmas value outside western culture will be depicted in this essay. Over the years, celebration of Christmas Eve has evolved from one culture to the other. However, tradition has remained one common aspect in the Christmas celebration in every culture. The values of Christmas in western culture and among the Christians are enormous and are spreading all over the world. The essence of value spreading is primarily the beliefs but another essence is also present that has helped in this process. Shopping, over the years, has become an integral part of Christmas celebration. Along with people’s shopping, outlook of marketing for producers during the eve has also grown over the years. The essay will also deal with entrepreneurial endeavour of an entrepreneur who wants to create a Christmas market in Chinese tra dition where people are not much familiar with this trend (All about Popular Issues, 2011). Association of Christmas Values with that of Western and Christian People Christmas is taken to be at the peak of consumerism in the culture of western countries. The celebration of this occasion has evolved throughout the years and has become an occasion that encourages people to provide gifts to their loved and dear ones. The initiators in this occasion are specially children who requests gifts and their parents provide them gifts in the guise of Santa Claus. Involvement of family members is the most important feature in the Christmas occasion. In marketing sense, parents, by involving themselves in providing gifts actually involves themselves in giving brands. People hunts for gifts for their family members and their friends much earlier than the festive actually begins. In the present era, people eagerly look for innovative gift ideas that can best create happiness among their loved ones. Apart from general gifts such as chocolates, clothes, candles, showpieces and books, people also buy music pieces, electronic gadgets, custom jewellery and several other such things to gift their near ones. However, in the western culture, whether the Christmas gift is materially precious or not does not matter (Shuvalina, 2010). The feelings of the person providing the gift are perceived much more valuable than its price. Christmas has evolved as an occasion where sharing of feelings among family members takes place through the sharing of gifts. In the western culture, Christmas is said to be conventionally associated with the western culture and Christians but is also enjoyed by the non-Christians as well. Religious values and special prayers lighten up individual’s minds that reinforce their relationship with God. Apart from instigating spiritual beliefs, Christmas also perpetuates a bond among individuals and thus brings them closer. In the western culture especially, Ch ristmas is perceived as an ideal occasion that extends involvement of family relations and enlarges intangible aspects of theory of gift giving (Clarke, 2006). Shopping is a Key Part of Christmas Shopping has evolved as an essential part of Christmas as people nowadays, are more inclined towards buying gifts for their beloved ones. Instincts of the people to shop more have made the occasion a â€Å"grand celebration of consumption†. With the arrival of Christmas, season brings holiday mood for consumers and creates an increase in the pattern of consumption among the people. People exchanges gifts and enjoy through partying, thus increasing the consumption level.

Perspectives on Friendship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Perspectives on Friendship - Essay Example From this report it is clear that  Mohammed and the author were playing in the yard when thay were suddenly attacked by a group of three boys who were members of a gang in school. They took our football and even threatened to beat them if they did not cooperate with them; the author remember how Mohammed was scared when the author confronted the three boys to leave them alone. The boys were very incensed that the author  had even dared to argue with them and vowed to make life very difficult for both of them but that did not scare me even an inch. the author was firm in my resolve to fight back and resist any challenge they would put us to, thus, the author did not move even an inch when one of the older boys advanced and looked him straight in the eye with his blood-shot piercing eyes.  This essay stresses that  Mohammed and the author have also found ourselves in trouble many times, especially with law enforcement officers for petty offenses like going to parties as minors with fake IDs and driving without licences. On many occasions, their parents have been informed of our offenses and they have subsequently been grounded for days; on his eighteenth birthday, for instance, Mohammed and the author were cruising in his father’s car when traffic officers caught up with him for over-speeding. Fortunately for them, his father was not very angry with him for taking his car and nearly crushing it by over-speeding but he gave them a comprehensive lecture on careful driving.

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Paraphrase Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 4

Paraphrase - Essay Example This and other terms show the specificity expected whilst engaging in investigations that are science oriented. 1) question asking and problem definition: during scientific investigations, students should always be able to ask questions on underlying issues. In engineering cases, the questions should be so as to solve certain problems and aid in ideas. Questions should involve such steps as data collection, claims and designs. 2) development and use of models: NRC Framework (2012, p 58) indicates various steps in modeling ranging from simple/physical to abstract. models represent scientific systems under scrutiny and assist in answering some queries or raising ideas to be developed. models can also aid in developing data that is important in making essential contributions as well as for communication purposes. When models are compared with expected objects iteratively, they assist in bringing insight to the idea under development. 3) investigations: in the K12 years, it is essential that students get the chance to plan investigations and eventually carry them out. these should range from teacher-prescribed to personal ones. investigations in fields of science are mainly to test theories or for descriptions whilst in engineering, they are used to check on systems. in taking investigations in either of the fields, it is advised that the students should have preset goals. More so, the students should ensure that they support whatever they are claiming by providing data as proof. 4) Data Analysis and interpretation: data makes logical sense when it can show relations that can lead to a subsequent analysis of results. Therefore, raw data should be scientifically worked on in the desired way for it to be of help. This assists the scientist or the engineer to use the data as evidence. This practice is important to both scientists and engineers as both fields require evidence in practice. For an engineer, for example, properly analyzed

The Rise of Strategic Management Accounting Essay

The Rise of Strategic Management Accounting - Essay Example Management accounting systems ideally provide information regarding all aspects of an organisation’s transactions; by covering all spectrums of the organisation they represent an important source of information for decision making. As mentioned above, traditional management accounting has come under attack for failing to provide sufficient information for strategic decision making purposes. This failure lies in the inability of traditional management accounting to fulfil those information requirements that would contribute to both the competitiveness of the organisation vis-a-vis its competitors in the industry, and its long term performance. Langfield-Smith states that surveys of practice in the 1990’s suggested that the adoption of SMA was slow; others also go on to mention that it was ill—defined and it is unclear in terms of coverage. Others have said that there are gaps in the understanding provided by SMA and this is attributed to various interpretations th at have been put forward by writers advocating its use. This paper explains the difference between management accounting and financial accounting. ... Management Accounting versus Financial Accounting Management accounting is distinct from financial accounting in that it provides information to persons internal to the organisation to facilitate decision making, while financial accounting provides information for external stakeholders. Internal stakeholders are the management personnel of the organisation, based within various departments/sections/divisions working together to achieve organisational goals. External stakeholders include shareholders, advisors, potential investors, regulators, government authorities and creditors – including suppliers, banks and holders of debt instruments (Atkinson et al, 2003). This however does not imply by any means that financial accounting information is not used for internal purposes; it is in fact, crucial. The only difference is that it is not necessarily appropriate to apply it in the same format as it is for external purposes; although, it does derive from the same integrated account ing system. While financial accounting information conforms to standards and guidelines that have been instituted by standard setting bodies such as the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), management accounting does not conform to any particular standard since it is used for internal purposes only. Management accounting deals with both financial and non-financial information. Traditional Management Accounting versus Strategic Management Accounting In his seminal work entitled â€Å"Strategic Management Accounting† (SMA) Simmonds (1981) defined SMA as â€Å"the provision and analysis of management accounting data about a business and its competitors, for use in developing and monitoring business strategy.† Bromwich (1990, p.28) defines it as: