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Psychological Concepts in Runaway Love Essay Example

Mental Concepts in Runaway Love Paper Tune Runaway Love Analysis The tune our gathering decided to examine and apply sociological ideas is Runaway Love by Ludacris highlighting Mary J. Blige. This music video jabbers about the battles that some high school young ladies face all through life and their answer for comprehend it: fleeing. All through the video Ludacris, the narrator, or rapper, discusses guardians using drugs, disregarding and dismissing their youngster, choosing whether they can tell their parent they’re pregnant and kids fleeing to maintain a strategic distance from their issues and tormentors. The melody was discharged in 2006 and is somewhat old, however a large number of the issues tended to in the video despite everything happen today. In the principal section, Ludacris discusses Lisa. Lisa is a multi year old young lady, who is experiencing childhood in a domain where she is being disregarded and mishandled. I’ve picked three ideas that I feel speak to her story and portray what is happening. For my first idea, I had the option to apply the idea of anomie. I picked this idea on the grounds that Lisa doesn’t feel good in her present social condition. Lisa has never met her family and doesn’t know her dad, and her mom is never near. At the point when her mom is around it is consistently with an unusual man she is bringing home late around evening time. These men consistently wind up battling and contending with Lisa’s mother, causing her to feel considerably increasingly lost (Ludacris, 0:49). We will compose a custom article test on Psychological Concepts in Runaway Love explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom exposition test on Psychological Concepts in Runaway Love explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom exposition test on Psychological Concepts in Runaway Love explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer In the video, this can be depicted when Lisa is on her bed setting down and gazing at the roof with a numb articulation or watching her mom being mishandled through the kitchen entryway. The following idea is lewd behavior. In the video we see that Lisa is assaulted by one of the men that her mom brings home. While her mom is snoozing, the man sneaks into her room and assaults her. In the melody it is informed that she attempts to oppose, however is beat by her attacker (Ludacris, 0:54). This is the unwanted sexual progression. Aggressive behavior at home is likewise common.

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To Be Or... As A Characterization Of Hamlet Essays - Literature

To Be Or... As A Characterization Of Hamlet Hamlet's classsic To be or not to be...(Hamlet, ruler of Denmark, 3.1.57) discourse truly shows what his identity is. Clearly Hamlet is frightfully discouraged. We have just observed a few instances of this, yet this discourse gives us an away from of his bitterness. All the more significantly be that as it may, his discourse shows his shortcoming and hesitation. Hamlet is reliably despairing, yet he never truly follows up on it; he only sort of flounders around, brimming with self centeredness and abhorring. At long last, it gives us Hamlet's purpose behind not ending it all. All through the play he appears to want for death and here we discover why he doesn't ready and waiting himself. This additionally gives us a window into his character. This discourse furnishes us with an away from of Hamlet and his inspirations. Hamlet is earnestly needing some Prozac. He says in this discourse, level out: To pass on, to rest ..'Tis a consumation passionately to be wished.(3.1.69-72). He feels that his difficulties and his anguish are to a lot to manage. While this discourse isn't the first occasion when he has referenced self destruction, it gives the most clear image of exactly how far gone he is. He is by all accounts tired of life, as he reliably says to rest while refering to death. Just as he just wishes to rest and overlook his pained soul. We see here just because why he needs beyond words. It isn't that he feels there is an excessive amount of agony or struggle throughout everyday life, except that he is worn out with managing it and exausted by his endeavors. Hamlet says in this discourse, in as plain of language as he can, that he is discouraged and needs amazing. In any case, he has said that previously. This discourse gives us our first clear sign with respect to his explanation behind longing f or death. All the more strikingly, Hamlet appears here his major weakness and dread. He has been continuing for the entire play about how awful his life is and how much torment and enduring he has needed to suffer, and he begins the discourse on this note. This is the primary sign of his shortcoming. Hamlet it appears would prefer to moan about his difficulties than explain them. He continues forever about his horrible life however once in a while, if at any time, even attempts to take care of business. Indeed, even in his longing for death he will talk yet not act. He has wanted ceath in any event multiple times during the play, yet all things considered Hamlet is to frightened to follow up on his longing. He doesn't rule against self destruction as a result of some honorable acknowledgment (that life is far to valuable to be squandered for instance), he is simply excessively frightened of eternity. Hamlet, in the play so far, cases to be in desperate waterways yet his deadening apprehension keeps him from activity. He would prefer to languish with his circumstance over dread that his activities to improve it would aggravate it: And makes us preferably bear those ills we have over fly to others that we know not of(3.1.82-83). Hamlet's inspiration for needing to bite the dust and furthermore for staying alive gives probably the best understanding into his character. In this discourse Hamlet chooses not to slaughter himself and finds why he has not yet done it. Hamlet is a genuinely upset, discouraged person. He says obviously that he is in incredible torment however more than that he is tired of his life and that is the reason he needs beyond words. He has become worn out on the everyday battle to endure and that, not his issues themselves is the reason he wants demise. His purpose behind picking life over death is additionally appeared here. He is excessively scared of the obscure, of the unfamiliar nation (3.1.80) to follow up on his longing. Maybe this subsequent explanation is an aftereffect of the first? It isn't so much that he is hesitant to act, only that he has become so despondant that he doesn't generally mind enough to do anything. This discourse, particularly the reasons it characterizes for his wants and activities, gives us what goes on

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PSYCHOLGOY ( MOTHERS WHO KILL THEIR CHILDREN) - Assignment Example Since, this is anomalous and unsatisfactory for a reasonable mother. In any case, the conversation combined with much time and cash spend to respect a legitimate motivation behind why child murder events; this rests with powers of society, other than wellbeing entanglements. Basically, society contributes hugely to child murder than one’s mental ineptitude, which radiates from pressure incited by child’s obligations included (White and Meyer 24). Clinicians, clinical experts and researchers, by means of various examines from the past, have needed substantial motivation behind why a mother would settle on a child murder. All what they hold to are hypotheses, which extend from social to clinical clutters, and they typically suggest clinical examination as a flat out cure (White and Meyer 73). Alternately, a fatherly murdering prompts the general public to howl boisterously for a rapid and intense activity against the guilty party. Hypotheses showed up at for a child murder particularly from mother’s point of view incorporate cultural, similar to despondency exuding from rescuing a breaking relationship because of the childs nearness (Ian 75). Different events might be because of unforgiving treatment by her companion where she needs to fight back to what she has experienced, henceforth slaughtering the child. Moms here and there because of their gigantic leniency may decide on child murder because of what they estimate the youngster will endure without required necessities (Shelton, Yvonne and Kathleen 23). Until this point, in spite of various and escalated considers, they have not finished up solid reasons implied for maternal killings. Since, this remaining parts a secret remembering that the most secure individuals with a youngster are the natural guardians. The world tip top to date and later on will stay to make minor hypotheses with respect to the causes and solution for child murder (White and M eyer 20). Shelton, Joy Lynn E., Yvonne Muirhead, and Kathleen E. Canning. Uncertainty Toward Mothers Who Kill: An Examination Of 45 U.S. Cases

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Essay Topics For Students: What You Should Know

Essay Topics For Students: What You Should KnowWhen preparing an Outliers Essay Topics for your class, take some time to find out what students might be interested in. Once you know which topic to choose, make sure to research the topic thoroughly to make sure that it is relevant to your course. Having a good topic will help you to provide sufficient material for each lesson, but don't go overboard - you don't want to make the Essay Topics too difficult to understand.Do you know that Outliers Essay Topics will vary greatly from course to course? Each student has his or her own tastes and different interests, and you should prepare the Essay Topics so that they are not too generic. Also, it would be nice if you chose essay topics that students can relate to, rather than ones that have been done many times before.A great way to find interesting essay topics is to do a search on Yahoo Answers. There are thousands of questions related to Essay Topics, and the sites on this site let you c hoose from a variety of topics. It's a quick and easy way to find an interesting topic, and it will give you great ideas for a list of topics to choose from.You can also do an Internet search for keywords relating to the Essay Topics you are planning to write. Take time to narrow down your topic based on the keyword that most closely describes your course. If you're still stuck, ask a friend who has taken the course, as you'll probably get better ideas there.Once you've chosen your Outliers Essay Topics, you may want to set up a schedule for writing the essays. A lot of students tend to submit essay topics the week before finals week, but the actual deadline will depend on the teacher.To make sure that your essay topics are ready for submission, review them at least twice prior to the deadline. Once you have proofread your essay, you can submit it to your teacher, who will make the final decision.Make sure to review your Outliers Essay Topics carefully before submitting them. Your t eacher will appreciate that you've done your homework.

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Smoking Is A Controversial Topic On Modern Society

When talking about smoking one phrase always pops up in a person s mind, â€Å"Smoking Kills†. Considered as one of the biggest public health disasters in the world smoking is a very controversial topic in modern society. As of recent times due to the link smoking has with serious health issues, many advertisement have been made to make people aware of the dangers. In the advertisement â€Å"Smoking Kills† the hand that holds the cigarette is compared to that of a gun. Since a gun has a dangerous atmosphere the artist of the advertisement makes the cigarette assume the same characteristic. The artist also utilizes the rhetorical appeals of logos and pathos through the comparison of the cigarette and the gun. The audience this advertisement is trying to solicit a response from can arguably be those who are already smokers and others who do not know of how serious the threat of smoking is. Those that are already heavy smokers would feel a sense of worry for their health do to the effect that smoking is depicted to have on their health. While it may also have no effect due to the fact that many smokers already realize the effect that the habit has on their body. To them it is already too late to stop because they are addicted or unconcern with the situation. These people consider ads of this context to be an attack on their life preferences, thus causing them to avoid ads of this context. In doing so they miss the main point of the argument and end up not acquire any real awarenessShow MoreRelatedIs Cannabis Dangerous? This Particular Issue Has Been Discussed,1291 Words   |  6 Pagesargued in several settings throughout our country’s history, but it is a particularly prominent issue in today’s society. Many individuals have their own opinions on marijuana, whether it be positive or negative, but an objective perspective is necessary to justly weigh the benefits and detriments of marijuana use and legalization. When an unbiased per son analyzes the controversial topic of cannabis, he or she would realize that the substance does not plainly fall into a single category. There is ampleRead MoreCulture and Transmission of Culture Socialization1153 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"why?† because at that time we need to know why everything happens the way it does, as well as why we have to act a certain way. In other words, we are trying to fit the mold of our culture while also questioning why we have to do so. Although society is built up of many different cultures we all have one similar idea in mind; we are â€Å"ethnocentric.† Ethnocentric means we are â€Å"culture-centered† which means we believe that our culture is better than any other, as well as thinking our actions areRead MoreEquity and Equality1007 Words   |  5 PagesYoussef Haddad Professor Black English 1101 9 Nov 2013 Equality Vs. Equity: People and The Law Throughout the history of mankind and specially in modern times, many struggles emerged from people’s suppressed anger and hatred of the feudalism and the ruling monopolistic powers, and in their effort to create a system most suitable to their wants and desires and what they take as â€Å"values† and â€Å"rights† they stumbled on what is to this very day one of the most important andRead MorePros and Cons of Legalising Marijuana1126 Words   |  5 PagesCannabis is becoming increasingly widespread and increasingly common in modern-day society for both recreational use and for medication. The article by Craig Reinarman, ‘Criminalisation, legalisation and the mixed blessing of medicalisation in the USA’ generates many controversial issues of cannabis. The two-sided debate between embracing medical use of the drug through the therapeutic benefits and the link between cannabis and psychosis is explored. This issues also stems the question of the legitimacyRead MoreThe Dark Side Of Drugs1294 Words   |  6 PagesDrugs have been consumed by humans over thousands of years; whether it was a Native American eating peyote for a spiritual experience, or a more modern day liberal smoking a joint to relax after a day at work. As more types off mass media began to emerge throughout the twentieth century, society was exposed to polarizing views on drug use. For the sake of this paper, I will be focusing on a comedy that gets most of its humor out of the various side effects of this widely debated drug. Harold andRead MoreLegalizing Marijuana in the United States Essay1700 Words   |  7 Pageslessen pain (Food and Drug Administration, 2006). On the other hand, the American Medical Association (AMA) does not tolerate marijuana as a medicatio n (1995-2013). So many answers are needed with such contradictory opinions around this exceedingly controversial drug to decide what measures need to be taken from the federal government for a final solution. In 2010, approximately one in ten Americans abused marijuana; conversely, our country pays in excess of seven billion each year to implement the illegalizationRead MoreRealism in Theatre Essay1115 Words   |  5 Pagesrelating to someone or something during the course of the production. The topics of cancer, marijuana, molestation, drug addiction, and much more have audience members connecting to these characters in a way that a play has never done before. This play is considered a dark comedy and it has people experiencing both laughter and discomfort, sometimes simultaneously (Black Comedy). They address topics that are taboo in society, issues that theatrical plays never dream of dedicating an entire show toRead MoreHow Media Images Promote Body Dissatisfaction1364 Words   |  6 PagesMany people in modern culture have developed what has been termed a normative discontent with their bodies. Women are particularly vulnerable to this development of body dissatisfaction, which has been shown to create numerous negative heath issues. These health issues are a direct result from trying to achieve the unrealistic ideal image that media has created. This idea on how the body should look floods modern media and women are discriminated upon if they are unable to meet these strict physicalRead MoreElectronic Media7567 Words   |  31 Pagesremains the driving force in building public opinion and determining its trends. Like the other countries of the world, the media industry also plays a very crucial role in India. The media and entertainment industry has come a long way to grow into a modern sector in the country. The large Indian population has work as a stimulant for the growth of the Indian media industry. The slacking grip of the government and the  introduction of satellite channels have helped towards promoting the free media environmentRead MoreThe Legalization Of Medicinal Marijuana1382 Words   |  6 PagesThe legalisation of medicinal marijuana is a very controversial topic within Australia. Recently, Victoria took the first steps to legalise medicinal marijuana, referenced in Victorian Government s Access to Medicinal Cannabis Bill 2015 (12th April 2016) and passed by the Victorian Parliament. This is the beginning of â€Å"the process of enabling patients to access medicinal cannabis.† In spite of this forward move, the debate still rages. There are valid and significant s tances about whether marijuana

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Guns Are Necessary For Hunting, Protection, And Military...

Thomas Parsons Mrs. Anderson Composition English 101 12/5/16 Guns Are Needed in America The Constitution of the United States gives the reason why Americans can own guns; â€Å"A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed† (Amendment II). The Second Amendment of the Constitution was ratified on December 15, 1791 because the Founding Fathers of the United States of America understood that guns were necessary for hunting, protection, and military involvement. The Founding Fathers understood that life apart from guns would be virtually impossible. Today, guns are necessary for the same reasons that they were necessary 225 years ago, but some things must be done to make guns more safe; in fact, many of the problems that guns are related to, can be solved. Many Americans believe that guns are no longer necessary and that they create more harm than good. These people believe that guns should be banned. The banning of guns in America would not stop crime or even reduce it; instead, that proposal would have a negative effect on crime rates, as well as a negative effect on many other things in America. Guns have always existed in America; guns actually existed before the United States of America was established. According to 2014 statistics, around three-hundred million guns are in America, and 31% of American households own one or more guns (Alpers et al). Banning guns would not only haveShow MoreRelatedThe Debate Over Gun Control1210 Words   |  5 Pagesshould not be involved in gun control. The second amendment to the United state s constitution says A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Is this not enough can the bill of rights say this anymore clear. Many might state that the way this statement is worded is the point of debate and it should be interpreted differently. This is the root of all the hot debate over gun control. Does the constitutionRead MoreThe Amendment Rights Must Be The Most Controversial Section Of The Constitution2593 Words   |  11 Pagesused. The anti-gun crowd has attempted multiple times to prove the Second Amendment should apply only to a militia and that the average citizen has no right to own a firearm. The National Rifle Association (NRA) is the largest lobbyist group for pro-gun rights and one of the most powerful interest groups in politics today. They have successfully supported the defense of the peoples’ right to own fi rearms for many years. After many years of failing to accomplish their agenda, the anti-gun crowd has aRead MoreThe Issue Of Gun Control2239 Words   |  9 PagesThe topic of gun control is always discussed in various conversations. Lately, the topic has been brought up a lot more from all the shootings going on in the country. Since then the government has become extremely strict about selling and buying guns and everything about them. But, should the government regulate the buying and selling of guns or should they regulate the owners of the guns? Should the government make sure the owners of the guns are using them in the right way and making sure theyRead More The Second Amendment - The Right To Bear Arms Essay2183 Words   |  9 Pageswhether our government has the right to regulate guns. The answer of who has which rights lies within how one interprets the Second Amendment. With this being the case, one must also think about what circumstances the Framers were under when thi s Amendment was written. There are two major sides to this debate, one being the collective side, which feels that the right was given for collective purposes only. This side is in favor of having stricter gun control laws, as they feel that by having stricterRead MoreThe Second Amendment and the Right to Bear Arms2205 Words   |  9 PagesWORKS CITED [1] Cottrol, Robert, ed. Gun Control and the Constitution: Sources and Explorations on the Second Amendment. New York: Garland Publishing Inc., 1994 [2] Dowlut, Robert. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms in State Bills of Rights and Judicial Interpretation. SAF 1993 [3] Freedman, Warren. The Privilege to Keep and Bear Arms. Connecticut: Quorum Books, 1989 [4] Hickok, Eugene Jr., ed. The Bill of Rights: Original Meaning and Current Understanding. Virginia: UniversityRead MoreThe Niger Delta Struggles: Its Implications for Resource Control.17990 Words   |  72 Pagesconflicts. The insurgency has involved diverse well armed and fairly well trained youth militias, which, using speed boats and operating fairly freely in the swamps, creeks, estuaries, rivers and coastal areas of the region, have engaged the Nigerian military and seized oil facilities, ships barges, workers and equipments. Increasingly, the youth militancy has become criminalized, with the region being transformed into an arena of economic crimes, violence, and war. The present Youths-led collective actionRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 Pagesa major contributor to those larger processes. Though he focuses on these linkages in the twentieth century, as his citations amply illustrate, many of them had their origins in the 1800s and even the colonial era. Guarneri argues that it is necessary to include the United States in world history surveys and give serious attention to global influences on American history. He traces the legacies of the various European powers that colonized different portions of  North America; the impact ofRead MoreFundamentals of Hrm263904 Words   |  1056 PagesSelection 7 Training and Development 7 Ethics and Employee Rights 7 Motivating Knowledge Workers 7 Paying Employees Market Value 8 Communications 8 Decentralized Work Sites 8 Skill Levels 8 A Legal Concern 8 Employee Involvement 20 How Organizations Involve Employees 20 Employee Involvement Implications for HRM 20 Other HRM Challenges 21 Recession 21 Off Shoring 21 Mergers 22 A Look at Ethics 22 Summary 23 Demonstrating Comprehension: Questions for Review 24 Key Terms 24 HRM Workshop 25 Linking ConceptsRead MoreChallenges for Urban Local Governments in India46115 Words   |  185 Pagesrule of law in the municipal decisionmaking process, transparency in the planning and implementation of infrastructure projects, and level of efficiency in various municipal management and finance practices. It is concluded that fresh thinking is necessary to resolve the problems confronting urban local governments in India. 7 7 7 H H P  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡ Read MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesJob Design: The Job Characteristics Model 240 The Job Characteristics Model 240 †¢ How Can Jobs Be Redesigned? 242 †¢ Alternative Work Arrangements 245 †¢ The Social and Physical Context of Work 249 Employee Involvement 250 Examples of Employee Involvement Programs 251 †¢ Linking Employee Involvement Programs and Motivation Theories 252 Using Rewards to Motivate Employees 252 What to Pay: Establishing a Pay Structure 252 †¢ How to Pay: Rewarding Individual Employees Through Variable-Pay Programs 253 †¢

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Health Legal and Government Programs

Question: Describe about theHealth Legal and Government Programs Answer: To: Betty Boss (Imperial Unlimited) From: XYZ Re: National Origin Discrimination Date: 18 May 2016 Dear Betty Boss, This is to bring to your attention that a patient in our organisation has lodged a complaint against the surgical specialist. According to the patient, the surgeon was discriminatory against her, as he refused to arrange an interpreter as the arrangement would be very expensive for their organization. The patient was an immigrant from Uzbekistan and requested a professional Uzbek language interpreter. However, her request was rejected on the ground that arrangement of such an interpreter would be very expensive. The patient had believed that such a refusal is not fair and illegal in nature, and this is an act of discrimination. An act of discrimination means an action from a person that makes the other person feel inferior on the ground of sex, race, creed or religion. There has been a large misconception about the racial discrimination of the American Health Care. There has been a belief that since the establishment of the Social Security Amendments Act of 1965, a lot has changed in the sector of racial discrimination in the hospitals. Many hospitals that use to practice racial discrimination have already abandoned it. The medical care was more of a cleanup process with unruly facilities (Day Schiele, 2012). Part VI of the Civil Rights Act had a pivotal role in establishing racial equality in a heath care setting (DiNitto Johnson, 2015). In the 20th century, racial discrimination was a common practice in a health care setting. It existed in many forms, one such form of racial discrimination was when there were separate hospitals for the black and white (DiNitto Johnson, 2015). The Afro-Americans were treated in the hospital of black and the original Americans were treated in the hospital of whites. The care setting at a black setting was of a poor quality and the essential resources were not met whereas, in the white setting, the patients were treated in a right way and they had access to proper amenities. The research was conducted in the United States as per which about 83 percent of the hospitals were suppose to have integrated patient admissions, however, only 6 percent of the population had integrated admissions. The Civil Rights Act of 1957 has been amended twice in the year 1960 and 1964. This Act empowers the U.S Commission to review laws and policies that are made concerning the denying of protection to the patients in the United States. It is the responsibility of a health care setting to provide equal facilities to all the patients who are admitted in the health care setting. It is the responsibility of the service providers to ensure that patients have access to proper facilities that are supposed to be a part of a health care setting in which they are admitted for being taken care of. Patients who are part of a health care setting should not face any discrimination concerning their creed, race, colour or sex. Once patients are admitted to work, they shall have access to all parts of the health care setting so that they can avail the services. Two landmark cases were decided in the Court of America, Simkins v. Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital and Cypresses v. Newport News Hospital Association. In both the cases, the Court held that a health care setting should always admit patients, especially those who are in urgent need. After the end of the World War 2, the nation saw a very evident change in the hospital construction; this was at that time referred to as the "Hill-Burton Program." The Hospital Survey and the Construction Act was passed in the year 1946 and according to the Act about 75 million dollars was invested for the improvement of the construction of hospitals. After the Bill had been reviewed by many congressional leaders, they held that the Bill was a non-discriminatory one and that there was hardly any scope of discrimination in the Bill. The Bill clearly contained the civil rights of the health care setting and patients and the instances that would amount to discrimination (Day Schiele, 2012). One such instance was discrimination of a person on the grounds of his nationality. In this given scenario, the Surgeon action can be considered as discriminatory as he immediately refused to provide a translator to the patient. In this regard, the act, however, would not have been declared as disc riminatory if he made tried to make necessary arrangements for the doctor and if he did not get any source of finding a translator we could have concluded that he failed to arrange a translator. In such a case, the surgeon was could not have been accused of discriminatory behaviour (Foner, 2013). In America over the last ten years, growth has been seen in the field of hospital industry. The reason for growth and expansion of the hospital industry was because of the funding of such settings. Many hospital beds were included in their setting and many more nurses were employed as part of their health care setting. This improved the condition of the patients and correlatively also reduced the discrimination rate amongst the patients (Foner, 2013). As per the President of United States, when he signed the Civil Rights Act, he stated that, No person in the United States shall, on the ground of race, color, or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving federal financial assistance (Day Schiele, 2012). However, even less than in a month's time, a surgeon named Terry M.D wrote an article on the hospitals in the United States as per which he requested all the people to comply with the methods of non-discrimination. He, however, also stated in his report that even before the Act was passed the staff and other members of the hospitals were following the basic rules of non-discrimination. The Federal authorities did everything that they could change the situation relating to Medicare and medication. They also made a point that the division was expensive for health care settings given that they had to incur huge expenses for the duplication of their interests (Lawson, 2014). Conclusively, I would like to state that the patient has many rights and remedies that he or she may avail based on the Civil Rights Act. In the end, I would only like to state that from Imperial United it may only defend itself on the ground that they merely refused to provide a translator to the patient, they, however, never refused to cure her only because of her nationality. The Surgeon never denied his services to her as a doctor; he only refused to provide a translator. Such behaviour cannot be held as discriminatory (Lawson, 2014). However, there is the truth that discrimination existed in America and shall continue to exist. As part and members of a healthcare setting, it is our responsibility to ensure to the maximum level that none of the patients feel discriminated. On our part, it was indeed sad to hear that the doctor was accused of discrimination. We have immediately to take appropriate steps for the consolation of the patient and we have to arrange quickly for a transl ator for her so that she does not feel discriminated anymore. References: Day, P. J., Schiele, J. (2012).A new history of social welfare. Pearson Higher Ed. Decker, S. H., Taylor, M., Katz, C. M. (2013). Case Study of the Response of the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections to the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act Consent Decree. DiNitto, D. M., Johnson, D. H. (2015).Social welfare: Politics and public policy. Pearson. Foner, E. (2013).Give Me Liberty! An American History: Seagull Fourth Edition. WW Norton Company. Katz, P. A., Taylor, D. A. (Eds.). (2013).Eliminating racism: Profiles in controversy. Springer Science Business Media. Lawson, S. F. (2014).Running for freedom: Civil rights and black politics in America since 1941. John Wiley Sons. Morone, J. A., Kersh, R. (2013).By the people: debating American Government. Oxford University Press. Murdick, N. L., Gartin, B. L., Fowler, G. A. (2013).Special education law. Pearson Higher Ed. Omi, M., Winant, H. (2014).Racial formation in the United States. Routledge. Power, K. D. (2014). Musical Influence on Apartheid and the Civil Rights Movement.